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YEQ1 series automatiic transfer switch

Products feature and character

YEQ2 Series intelligent dual power automatic swithes is made up of two units in 3 pole and 4 pole of MCCB and (auxiliary contacl,alarm contact),the mechanical interlocking transmission,intelligent controller and other components. It has the integral style and split type with two kinds mechanism. Integral controller is equipped with a base and executing agencies ; Split type is intelligent controller installed in the panem User take the base by implementing agencies to install into the cabinet controller with about 2m cables.

  • Reliable mechanical interlock between the two circuit breakers and electrical interlock device .Eelimin- ate the two devices closing completely at the same time.
  • SCM intelligent controller used to control the core hardware is simple and powerful, expansion of conv- enience, high reliability.
  • It has a short circuit, over load protection functions, over voltage,under voltage, loss phase automatic transfer function andintelligent alarm function.
  • Automatic switching external parameters can be set free.
  • Operation of Intelligent motor protection
  • The control circuit devices with fire, fire control center to a control signal into intelligent controller. Two sets circuit breaker will enter a stating of breaking .
  • There is a computer network interface for achieving remote control four remote telemetry functions

The feature and character of YEQ1 series ATS

  • YEQ1 series ( terminal type ) (economic type ) - Automatic Transfer Switches, is used to the terminals to
  • the dual electrical power switching devices;
  • Small in volume,simple in constitution;
  • There is provide 2P,3P,4P.Easy to operation and long to use;
  • Transfer switch driving by single motor, a smooth, no noise, the impact is small;
  • With mechanical interlocking and electrical interlock , change over credibility , could be supply by man- ual or automatic operation;
  • Common, spare circuit breaker rated current can be different;
  • A.T.S contain connector for users wiring can rdflect Breaker (open or closed) state;
  • A.T.S panel show various instructions: separations instruction manual, automatic and wiring diagram and so on.

Model and Meaning

YEQ1-63X, YEQ1-63Yautomatic transfer switch Overall and installation dimensions

YEQ1-63X, YEQ1-63Yseries wiring diagram

Note: this wiring diagram is only fit for 4 pole ATS, when choose 3 pole ATS, zero line of Main power (NN) must be connected to the 3 pole zero line terminal.

Use of Operates and supports

  • Whether main power or backup power with voltage or not, all can be by manual mode operated.Under manual,put the auto- manual button to manual position, pull the handle by clockwise to end,Backup power implementation circuit breaker Qr is OFF, implementation of MAIN power supply circuit breaker Qn ONg; When pull handle counterclockwise to the end, the implementation of Backup power source Qr is ON,implementation of MAIN power supply circuit breaker Qn is OFF;
  • Set the auto position, if the MAIN power is normally,ATS will transfer to MAIN power working.The MAIN POWER indiacation will bright on panel;If the MAIN power is unusually,ATS will transfer to Backup Power working.The Backup indication will be bright on the panel.
  • ATS has 1A of two units fuses and a electric connector, fuse as short-circuit protection in automatic controller.Electric connecto as dry contact in Indication light to panel of controller box,voltage of 220V AC, l50mA , the detail please reference to instruction.

Fault Analysis and Removal

When ATS under automatic control state,the POWER condition was changed,but the operation mecha- nism no action. Such as MCB can't closed-transition or open - transition then should be checked:

  • 1.whether the power grid are failured;
  • 2.whether the wiring shedding;
  • 3.the fuse itself whether burning. If the front point of one circuit breaker with electricity, and the conne- ction are botht wiring well, fuses are intact, but yet can not closed-transition or open-transition.You should be asked to professionals or contact manufactory.

Notice to users in orders

  • When User place the order need to notice the identifying device models, specifications, dispensed breaker models, specifications, pole number. Such as : Automatic Transfer Switch device, Self-input and Self-recovertype, rated current of 50 A,4 pole, which is written YEQ1-63L/4P (50A).
  • For users special requirements, please contact with factories and to explain well in orders indicate.

[YEQ1-63](Economic Type) A.T.S

[YEQ1-63](Terminal Type) A.T.S

[YEQ1-63L] A.T.S

[YEQ1] Technical Parameter of YEQ1 tye A.T.s

Working principle

When common source is normal, the functional key is at position "auto", reserve breaker is open and common breaker is closed to protect common source for connecting with load,the common power voltage indicator is light.When the common source failures (the voltage is lower than 60% of rated voltage), the common source will transfer to reserve source automatically, the reserved source voltage indicator is ON, the reserved source working indicator is ON. After removing the failure of the common source,this switch will transfer to the common source automatically again.

YEQ1 Series ATS wiring diagram

  • YEQ1-63 (Economic type) wiring diagram by users
  • YEQ1-63N wiring diagram by users
  • YEQ1-63L wiring diagram by users

Note: Use correct wire size for input electric connector of 2 units MCB well.Putting into the line-phase seq- uence to be unanimous. Three phase MCB add the neutral to be used to swich nuetral N as well.