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YEM1L Series Moulded Case Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker


YEM1L series MCCB with residual current protection (hereafter simply referred to as breakers) are one of the new type breakers which have been developed by the company using advanced CAD/CAM/CAE design and manufacturing technology. The rated insulation voltage of the breakers is 800V, suitable for turn-on or turn-off not frequently and starting a motor not frequently in the circuit of AC50 Hz, rated working voltage 400V and rated current up to 630A.The breakers have overload, short- circuit and under voltage protection devices, so as to protect the circuit and the power equipment against damage. Synchronously, the breakers provide indirect contact protection for man, and protect the fire damage may caused by long-term existed earth fault, which can't be examined by the over-current protection device. Additionally, when other protective devices fail to function, YEM1L breakers with the rated residual operating current of30mA can protect man from the direct contact. The breaker of VA type residual current release can provide in direct contact protection in case of an earth fault comprising a d.c.component. According to the rated ultimate short-circuit breaking capacity (Icu), the breakers are classified into two kinds of types: M(second high breaking type), H(high breaking t y p e) . The breakers are of the following characteristics: compact size, high breaking capacity, short arc-over distance and shake proof, etc. The breakers could be installed vertically(upright) or horizontally(transverse). The breakers can't be fed inversely, only allowing 1, 3, 5 connect with power supply wires, 2, 4, 6 connect with load wires. The breakers are applicable to isolation, its corresponding symbol is shown as“ ”. The breakers comply with the demands of the following standards: IEC60947-1 and GB14048.1-2006 General rules IEC60947-2 and GB14048.2-2008 circuit breakers and annex B circuit-breakers incorporating residual current protection IEC60947-4-1 and GB14048.4 Electrome- chanical contactors and motor starters The breakers acquired the “ CCC” certificates approved b y CQC (Chi n a Quality Certification Centre), and named as" China top brand" products.

Type and its meaning


  • 1) No code for no creepage alarm unit module; Ⅰfor creepage alarm unit module under operation mode one, Ⅱfor under operation mode two(particularly shown in P25).
  • 2) The residual current release type is classified into three types: type U, type V, type W, type VA(particularly shown in P7). type V is standard type. and not necessary t o mention in the ordering note.
  • 3) No code for three poles breakers. Four poles breakers are classified into A, B, C, D.
  • 4) No code for power distribution, 2 means for motor protection, TH means for humid tropical area.
  • 5) No co de for operating directly with handle, P for motor operating and Z for rotary handle operating.