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YCU-D Type Controller

Brief functional introduction of YCU-D-type controller:

  • YCU-D-type controller used to control the two segments C Type ATS composed of two coins.
  • A dedicated cable used to connect the switch and the controller and makes it easy to install;
  • Detect the two-path power over-voltage, under-voltage, lack phase, ect.
  • Provide generators start signal (delayed about 3 S to issue when the main power fails).

The installation and connection diagram of C-type switch body and the YCU-D

YCU-D-type controller connection terminals diagram:

  • F1, F, F2are used to start generator, F is the public terminal, when the main power is normally closed, F2 is normal-shut terminal; when the main power became abnormal, it will delay about 3 S to close;
  • When R1, R2 connect, the controller will be in unallowable state: (R1, R2 can only connect passive contact, or it will damage the controller)
  • L1, L2 can be added more functions according to the request of users (standby).