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GA Series Automatic Transfer

Brief Introduction

  • YES1automatic transfer switch (ATSE) is set the switches and control logic integrated without additional controller, achieve integration of automatic electromechanical switch, voltage detection, frequency detection, communication interface, electrical, mechanical interlocking functions, automatic, electric remote emergency manual control.
  • This is the logical control panel from various logical order to manage the machines, operate with the gearbox to achieve, switching spring motor storage, instantaneous release of the acceleration, rapid access to sub-circuit or circuits conversion, it is obvious by the state security confinement, greatly improved the performance of various electrical and mechanical properties.
  • YES1 switches overall design for the metal shell, compact solid.YES1 switches, control of some of the mental shell, the shell switching components used fiberglass unsaturated polyester resin manufacturing,with a strong dielectric properties, protection and reliability of the operational safety.
  • Switch power supply system applicable to changeover the main power supply and backup power supply automatically or two sets load equipment and safety isolation automatically.
  • Switch appearance is beautiful, creative, simple, small size, the entire function is an ideal choice in different occasions.


  • IEC60947-1(1998)/GB/T4048.11-2002 “low voltage switchgear and control equipment general”
  • IEC60947-3(1999)/GBI4048.3-2002 “low voltage switchgear and control equipment ,low voltage switches, disconnectors, Switches and electrical fuse combination”
  • IEC60947-6(1999)/GBI14048.11-2002 “ow voltage switchgear and control equipment multifunctional no.1:automatic transfer switches”

The model of ATS and it's meaning

Products usage

  • YES1series automatic transfer switch is applicabled in AC50HZ,rated voltage of 380V,rated voltage of 220V DC,and distribution the rated current from 16A to 3200A,in motor network,there is a primary and standby power,or as the utility to generator in loading changeover.At the meanwhile, it used to insulate in unfrequent connection break circuit as the standby power.
  • This products are widely used in hospitals,banks,high-rise architecture and so on,which are very important place disallow the failure to supply, distribution and automaticion system.

Performance and Characters

  • Adopt the double row type composite contact,side pull institutions,micro motor prestore and microelectronics control technology,come true zero flashover(no arcing chamber).
  • Reliable electrical and mechanical interlocking chain,the implement of the components independently with islation switch, the use of safe and reliable.
  • Using over zero technology,the state of emergency can be enforced under the zero(cut down the 2 ways in the meanwhile) to meet the needs of Fire Fighting.
  • Executive load isolation switch using a single motor-driven, transfer reliable smooth,no noise,little impact.Operators drive only in the implementation of the electrical load isolation by switching transient current,steady work without providing current,energy-saving significantly.
  • Executive load disconnector chain with a mechanical device used to ensure that reliable standby power of non-interference in each other.
  • Obvious off position indictor,padlocks and other functions,high reliability and service life of more than 8000 times.
  • Mechatronics design,switching conversion accurate,flexible,smooth and adopt international advanced logic control technology,anti-interference capability,without external interference.
  • Cooperation with the main power on and standby power off,or the main power off and standby on,the main power and standby power are both off, three kinds stability working.(I-O-II)
  • Easy installation, the control circuit return way adopt the connect and insert terminal connector.
  • Four operator models:emergency manual operation,electric remote control operation, emergency disconnected operation under the automatic stating, automatic control operations.

Main Technology Parameters

GA Type Automatic Transfer Switch

Installation dimensions(20~1600A)

20A~1600A Installation map


20A~1600A Installation dimensions

2000A~3200A Installation map

2000A~3200A Installation dimensions

Manual instruction

  • Note :The customers can choose one of the following 6 wiring methods, economical type users only need to import the copper power, then do not need another 2 lines,302-305 is the indication of the switch,users can connect themselves if needed.
  • 1. Wiring method of economic type(only below 100A)100GA economic type automatic transfer switch , Users connect the main power, standby power to the terminal rafts then it can work. When the two-way power switch are all normal access to the main power supply for the load. If the power supply is failure, then will transfer to standby power (standby power should be normal),it will change back to main power when the main power is normal again.
  • The economic type below 100GA, Control power directly from the mains supply by the manufacturer within the introduction. If users need the main power supply, standby power switch on instructions,wiring method see as below: Terminal wiring method: Only a group of four terminal
  • 2. Automatic wiring method (for ratcd current 20A~3200A )
  • 3. Automatic+compulsory purchase“0”(for ratcd current 20A~3200A) (Fire/dual power supplies are dis-connected) wiring method.
  • 4. Generator wiring method (for rated current 20A ~ 3200A)
    • 1).With started generators interfaces (301-306 with the word of Uge1) Instruction;
    • 2).Without the started generators interfaces(301-306 without the word of Uge1)
    • Note:Contact output capacity:250VAC/5A, 380VAC/3A
  • 5. Automatic+Manual(Remote Control) wiring method(for rated current 20A~630A)
  • 6.Remote control (only manual ) wiring method (for rated current 20A~60A)

DC24V/DC48V wiring method

  • 1.Basic Connection
  • 2.Other terminal wiring

    Note: Within the dashed border for the auxiliary contact of YES1 switch

Method of terminal connection

Use the screw driver use force downwards as the picture indicatedted direction,the line imbedding as the picture shows